Translation Request

Do you accept requests for English to Wôpanâak translations?

Yes we do*. * Please note that we will not consider the following types of requests:

  • Names for your non-native child
  • Names for your non-tribally owned property/home (especially if there is evidence of Wampanoag ancestral remains)
  • Names for your pet
  • Translations for words you are using in your Wampanoag-based historical novel/song/poem/other, content for which hasn’t first been vetted through the Wampanoag community
  • Wôpanâak words for tattoos for non-tribally affiliated individuals

How do I make a translation request?

If you are interested in have having a translation done, click the link below to fill out and submit the official request form electronically.

How are requests reviewed?

Each request is reviewed by members of the WLRP Language Committee, the project's governing body which meets quarterly in March, June, September and December. All requests are taken under consideration regardless of the petioner and all decisions rest with the committee as a whole. The Language Committee will provide a response to your request within 1 week after our quarterly meeting.

Is there a fee for translation requests?

There is a non-refundable $20 fee to submit a translation request for consideration. If your translation request is accepted by the Language Committee, you will be contacted with an estimate to complete the translation. The fee is based on the complexity of the request. A request can submit a request by going to the Shop page.