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Parent Resource Page

Welcome!  This page is exclusively for parents whose children are in our Weetumuw School or who participate in our language programming in the local public schools.  Our hope is that the resources on this page will support you and your child's journey to Wôpanâak language proficiency.  

Morning Address

The morning address is an affirmation that our students recite daily. Created with input from Wampanoag community members about what values we uphold as a Nation, the morning address reminds us to be respectful, truthful, compassionate, humble, brave, and grateful.

1.  Morning Address



2.  Morning Address


(be compassionate) Practice

3.  Morning Address

Ahâpush (be humble) and

Wut8ânutash (be brave) Practice

4.  Morning Address

Taputotash (be grateful) 


5.  Morning Address

and Vocabulary Review



Learn to count in the Wôpanâak language with Sânushq Nitana.

Numbers 0-10, Mainland & Island dialects

Counting 0-10, Animate & Inanimate

Numbers 11-20, Mainland & Island dialects

Counting 11-20, Inanimate Items

Counting 11-20, Animate Items

Numbers 21-30, Mainland & Island dialects

Numbers 10, 20, 30...100, Mainland & Island dialects

Putting it all together,
1 to 100 

Counting up to 100 items, Animate and Inanimate

Numbers 100, 200, ...1,000, Mainland & Island dialects

Putting it all together,
1 to 1,000 

Counting up to 1,000 items, Animate and Inanimate

What's The Weather

(Utah Unahqat?)

Learn weather terms with Sânushq Nitana.

Weather Vocabulary

Extra Weather Vocabulary

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