Weetumuw Katnuhtôhtâkamuq:
The Weetumuw School


The Wôpanâak Language Reclamation Project (WLRP) offers two educational programs through the Weetumuw School:


Mukayuhsak Weekuw: 'The Children's House' 

This is our primary classroom of students, Pre-K and Kindergarten. Within Mukayuhsak Weekew we have our Ahtuhqeesak (Little Deer) and our Mashqeesak (Little Bears). This programs offers a full day language immersion preschool open to children.




Wushkeenune8ak Weekuw: 'Young People's House' 

This is our lower elementary school, Grades 1 and 2.  Within Wushkeenune8ak Weekuw, we have our Tumôhqak (Beavers).


These programs are offered to enrolled members or household members (tribal or non-tribal) of one of the four Wampanoag tribal communities served by the project:  Mashpee, Aquinnah, Assonet & Herring Pond. See registration links.

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